ZXTOW Monopole

Telecom tower is a steel supporting structure especially designed to meet the mounting height and antenna loads requirements of communication system antennae (such as microwave, GSM, CDMA and so on). Generally, a tower consists of tower body, platform, foundation, lightning protection system and accessories.

ZTE CAF team has made much effort to provide serials of telecom tower products to enhance the competitive strength and meet the different requirements of operators all round the world.

ZTE always aims at tower solutions with the best quality, the fastest deployment, the lowest construction and maintenance cost.

Product Introduction

ZXTOW TSPS single-tube steel communication tower (referred as monopole), with the main body of circular or polygonal cross-section welded steel, is high structure constituted by pipes. Monopole has advantages of beautiful appearance, simple structure and small footprint. Through modification, it can be changed into disguised monopoles, sculptural monopoles, all of which have been widely used in urban streets, scenic spots and some other regions.

   Monopole      Disguised tree          Sculptural monopole

Technical Features

  • Designed by Structural Standard for Antenna Supporting Structures and Antennae TIA-222-G.
  • Tower height: 25m ~ 55m.
  • Design wind speed: 150km/h.
  • The connection joint can be flange or plug.


  • Nice appearance
    The monopole can be disguised as different kinds of trees in different scenario and no influence on the environment.
  • Compatible design
    Tower section is standard designed, which can be flexibly assembled into different heights of tower.
  • Customized features
    Equipments can be installed inside monopole according to site condition.
  • Low engineering cost
    Small area is needed for foundation construction which is critical important in urban city.
    Simple structure will reduce the installation period.


  • Reduce cost for land requisition
    Smaller area for foundation makes the land requisition more feasible and lower cost especially in urban area and some tourism place.
  • Environment protection & green
    Harmony design with surroundings has less impact on environment and improves the brand image.

Application Scenario

ZXTOW TSPS is suitable for site in urban area, regions with high density of population and scenic spots such as parks, beaches and playgrounds etc.