SDR Indoor Macro Base Station

ZTE indoor macro base station of SDR series products, can offer various coverage
solutions for dense urban, urban, suburban, highway, and indoor scenarios. It
consists of two main parts: Baseband unit and RF modules. It develops a new
solution for 2G/3G mixed networking and network evolution by only one set of RAN
equipments, so that the network construction cost is greatly decreased.
All IP Micro TCA architecture, Smoothly Evolve to Future Network
The SDR indoor macro BS adopts MicroTCA architecture, fully supports IP RAN
networking, provides FE/GE interface and fully satisfies evolution to Enhanced

High Spectrum Efficiency, Smooth Evolution
GSM and UMTS can be supported simultaneously in one BS which enables GSM
operator smoothly evolve to UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+ while making full use of the
frequencies released by GSM. The CAPEX and OPEX can be greatly saved.

High-Reliability Dual-Mode BBU
ZTE BBU has hot-standby design for main control board and resource pool for
baseband processing. Resources are shared between GSM and UMTS, including main
control unit, transmission and CPRI interfaces.

Integrated RF Unit
RF unit is integrated with transceiver unit, duplex filters, power amplifier
module, and MCPA module. This design reduces boards' quantity, saves costs,
decreases communication requirements and interfaces between boards, and greatly
improves the overall reliability.

Large Capacity, Flexible Configuration
The baseband capacity flexibly supports GSM or UMTS or dual mode. Its baseband
resource can be flexibly configured for both local and remote coverage

Series of Multi-carrier RF Modules, Smooth Expansion
Series of Multi-carrier RF Modules can be configured G/U dual mode flexibly with
software configuration only, which can fully satisfy 2G/3G network capacity
expansion requirements in the future.

High Efficiency Power Amplifier, Low Power consumption
The PA efficiency achieves 50% with ZTE patent Doherty + DPD + D-PT technology.
High Efficiency Power Amplifier can effectively reduce the OPEX.