ZXMW SR10 SDH Digital Macrowave System--ZXMW SR10 S340


ZXMW SR10 S340 is a comprehensive high capacity IP and Migration-to-IP network solution. It is designed as a native Ethernet microwave radio platform that can integrate smoothly in any network, while providing a broad range of softwareconfigurable licensed channel schemes. It is optimized for combined SDH-IP peration in next generation wireless networks.


ZXMW SR10 S340 supports frequency bands from 6 to 38 GHz and supports 16xE1 telephony with 5xFE and 2xGbE data interfaces.


Technology Highlights

The following advanced technologies are used in ZXMW SR10 S340 Digital microwave system design.


FEC-Reed Solomon Technology

System adopts twice accessional FEC coding technology. This is known as RS coding External code and Convolution Coder Internal code.

Based on this design, you can improve the frequency spectrum utilization and obtain anti-interference ability of the microwave transmission.


Adaptive Coding and Modulation Technology

Adaptive Coding and Modulation refers to the automatic adjustment that a wireless system can make in order to optimize overthe-air transmission and prevent weather-related fading from causing communication on the link to be disrupted.

With this technology, you can obtain more capacity from limited frequency resource.


Hybrid & Native transmission solution

Native TDM + Native IP, get High throughput, Low latency, Hitless dynamic allocation between TDM and Ethernet service.

Advanced Hybrid & Native technologies, meet the needs of the 2G and 3G network transmission requirement without any change in hardware equipments. This allows you to reduce the CAPEX and OPEX, and enhance your competitive power.