The World-first CDMA2000-based Trunking system-GoTa

1  Introduction

Global open Trunking architecture (GoTa) is a digital trunking communication system independently developed by ZTE, based on the Third Generation (3G) wireless communication technology — CDMA2000.

Featuring independent IPR, open interface, sharing of wireless and network resources, fast access and high privacy, GoTa is able to provide carriers with total trunking communication solutions.

The GoTa system put forward by ZTE can deliver digital trunking service solutions over CDMA network, which can greatly improve carriers' competitive edge, boost digital trunking service application to serve professional users and high-end users, and create new value-added services.

2 Position of ZXDSS in GoTa

As an important part of the Global open Trunking architecture (GoTa), the ZXDSS (Dispatching Service System) consists of three independent entities:

·   ZXDSS PDS (PTT Dispatching Server)

·   ZXDSS PHR (PTT Home Register)

·   ZXDSS DAS (Dispatching Agent Server)

Position of the ZXDSS in the system is shown in Figure 1.




Figure 1     Integrated Network Structure of ZTE's GoTa Trunking System

A basic GoTa system consists of the GoTa terminal, BSS, DSS, MSS (Mobile Switching System) and related OMC (Operation & Maintenance Center). In order to support packet data service, SMS, LBS (Location-Based Service) and intelligent network service, GoTa can also have additional PDSS (Packet Data Service System), SC (Short message Center), MLS (Mobile Location System) and WIN (Wireless Intelligent Network).

 To support trunking service and the optional data service, the PTT Dispatching Client (PDC) and Packet Control Function (PCF) entity are technically implemented in the BSS. 

 DSS: The DSS consists of PDS (PTT Dispatching Sever), PHR (PTT Home Register) and DAS (Dispatching Agent Server). It provides PTT users with PTT dispatch service, as well as carrier-grade authentication, authorization and accounting of PTT services. And meanwhile the carrier can deliver dispatcher service to the fleet user through the optional DAS, and help the fleet user set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for PTT dispatch.


ZXDSS adopts high-performance network processor and commercial server with flexible architecture and easy capacity expansion. It has the following features:

  • Completely independent IPR (Intellectual Property Right);
  • Open interface;
  • Modular structure in software/hardware design for easy expansion;
  • Signaling and data link specially designed for trunking service optimization;
  • High throughput system with stacked expansion capability;
  • Able to adopt load sharing in PTT mode and make an intelligent selection;
  • High-performance network processor (dedicated data forwarding engine);
  • Large-capacity data buffer;
  • The hardware supports fast data searching and forwarding;
  •  High-performance communication specific RISC processor;
  • High-speed internal data forwarding bus.