ZXDSL 9812

Through the in-depth studies of building equipment form, ZTE has launched a building-level integrated access unit, ZXDSL9812, which is the best choice for operators to rapidly deploy FTTB network


  • Small size, flexible for networking and easy to install
    GE, FE, GPON or EPON can be chosen for uplink
    No need of additional cabinets and install kit, equipment can be directly installed on the corridor, basement or the weak electric well
  • A wide range of service experience
    Customized multicast control, easy to operate IPTV
    Fine QOS mechanism to provide differentiated service for subscribers
    Strict security policies, no need to worry about information revealing
  • Strong environment adaptability
  • Unattended, maintenance-free
    Equipment itself can monitor the temperature and power supply
  • Low power consumption, low noise
    Port average power consumption less than EU COC