Communication Network Optimizer (Enterprise Edition)---ZXPOS CNO2

ZXPOS CNO2(Mobile Communication Network Integrated Expert Office II) is a network optimization & analysis software belonging to ZTE ZXPOS network plan and optimization solution. Based on OMC data (CMFMPMCDT etc.) CNO2 cooperates with other ZXPOS software to give customer a comprehensive and powerful solution for network planning, constructing, running and maintenance.


As a powerful optimization & analysis platform, it is accomplished in depth presentation, analysis, drill of the network performance data and network running status. Robust nature and flexible deployment together with user friendly nature ensures proper analysis and as a result the optimization of the network becomes easier and faster.


The functions of CNO2 is classified to basic functions provided with ZTE OMC software and advanced functions optional for meeting the needs of customers flexibly.



   •   It is no need installing any client software, network optimizing on any computer at anytime and anywhere: CNO2 is a web based enterprise application. It is constructed by browser/server three tiers structure and make customs access ease and quick. Customs are dismissed any agony for client software's installing and updating.

   •  High stability, retractility and expansibility: CNO2 is module structure designed, safe and reliable, with powerful fault-tolerant & 7*24 hours running capability.

   •  Multiple performance index system show the network comprehensive performance: CNO2 offered a powerful CDMA network performance KPI index system(1X RLSA1XEV-DO and GoTa Indexes) to make customers evaluate network status from many angles multi-layer stereoscopic.

   •  Offer abundant statistic and analyse function: Based on the powerful index system and other kinds of running data,CNO2 offered powerful analysis tools such as basic statistics, TopN analysis, Failure Reason analysis, CDT analysis etc. to speed the procedure of discovering a problem and solving the problem.

   •  Flexible deploy mode: CNO2 can be deployed flexibly in ZTE OMM, LOMC, POMC or be deployed independently. This flexibility will make the customer have more choices to combine economical their hardware investment.



   •  Standard real time collection of OMC data function: CNO2 provides standard real time collection of OMC data. Data mapping and secondary preprocessing & calculating tech. make the performance data capacity lower and speed the analysis procedures. Standard real time collection of OMC data will also make the supervision of network performance possible.

   •  Abundant performance data statistics and analysis method: diversified static analysis and dynamic analysis methods corresponding to diversified performances of the network: Multiple display modes such as Graph and Table.

   •  Powerful report forms builde function: CNO2 has a comprehensive integrated report framework and container affording customers to create, manage, and deliver web-based reports. Supports network index KPI and statistics template customization to satisfy vary user's advanced requirement for index system.

   •  Problem analyse tools and trend forecast: CNO2 has a failure reason analysis tool affording customers to inspect the inside world of the network and discover the details of problem. Provide resource status of network analyse function, it can offer network resource available and using status statistic.

   •  Powerful background wireless parameter query and checkout function:CNO2 can query wireless parameter in appointed bound or aim at appointed type of network entity, these parameter in the query result that can be checkout according to the value of a given standard. Support customize NE(network element) group to attention the target NE group as keystone.


   •    Web mode is simple and convenient, user can inspect and control the status of network, so user can adequately enjoy the feeling that network was in the best control.

   •   Multiple predefined report forms template and report automatical output let user avoid the labour that manual export report forms. Advance user's input-output ratio.

   •   Provide abundant and comprehensive KPI statistic, analyse and report methods, deep-seated exposure and extrude all of the network problem, shorten the periods of detect and resolve network problem.



    Communication network optimizer(Enterprise Edition)――ZXPOS CNO2 has been widely applied in many global well-known telecom operators and gain abroad acclaim because the advantages of efficient and powerful function. CNO2 has been deployed in global thousands CDMA network's BSC, gained more and more practical experience, it be praised by spacious network optimize engineer. ZXPOS CNO2 as a professional network optimize platform for network optimize engineer, help you easy to act a majordomo of your wireless network.