ZXMW NR8000 SDH Digital Microwave System——ZXMW NR8250

The ZXMW NR8250 is a Hybrid nodal designed digital microwave system developed by ZTE Corporation for high capacity transmission and aggregation node requirements.

The ZXMW NR8250 is a versatile, compact split type radio system. It supports both data and voice transmission, typically in mobile backhaul, enterprise, government, and public safety networks. It is optimized for hybrid TDM and IP operation in next generation mobile networks.


Technology Highlights

  • Hybrid & Native transmission solution
    Native TDM+ Native Ethernet, High throughput, Low latency, Hitless dynamic allocation of radio bandwidth between TDM and Ethernet service
    Advanced Hybrid & Native technologies, meet the needs of the 2G and 3G network transmission requirement without any change in hardware equipments.
    This allows you to reduce the CAPEX and OPEX, and enhance your competitive power.
  • Dual Switch Plane Design
    ZXMW NR8250 has dual switch plane which are Ethernet service switch and TDM service switch. With this design, ZXMW NR8250 can provide up to 3200E1*3200E1 TDM switching capability and 10G Ethernet switching capability.
    With this technology, it can help you get well-prepared for the future rapid growing IP traffic and also to guarantee the delay-sensitive voice service with higher priority.
  • Nodal Design
    ZXMW NR8250 can support up to 6 radio ways, with additional build-in MUX. ZXMW NR8250 system can be configured as nodal network station without complex wiring.
    With build-in MUX, the configuration and maintenance could be easy, support different ways aggregation and SNCP ring protection.
  • ACM- Adaptive Coding & Modulation
    Adaptive Coding and Modulation refers to the automatic adjustment that a wireless system can make in order to optimize over-the-air transmission and prevent weather-related fading from causing communication on the link to be disrupted.
    With this technology, you can obtain more capacity from limited frequency resource.
  • Universal Slot design
    Adopt universal slot design; most of the boards such like RTU and RMU can support mixed insertion in the same NR8250 rack slot, which help to increase the configuration flexibility. For core unit, RCU board is optional with backup mode.
    It increases the system stability and reduces the OPEX for you.