ZXRIS M6200 C2 Dual-Frequency Access Card Reader

The ZXRIS M6200 C2, a dual-frequency access card reader, is developed by ZTE and designed especially for China Mobile's All-purpose Card application system. It supports the reading of mobile phone cards and contactless IC cards, which are respectively based on RFSIM and ISO14443A protocol standards. The ZXRIS M6200 C2 can be widely applied in the access attendance system of enterprises and public institutions.

  • Supporting the swiping of RFSIM cards and ISO14443A protocol-based IC cards.
  • Smart and decent appearance, with an LED indicator lamp and a buzzer built internally to  prompt the operation status.
  • Supporting Wiegand26, Wiegand34 and RS485 communication modes.
  • Adopting 4×4 password keyboard.
  • High sensitivity and strong interference resistance.
  • Circuit anti-tamper design.