E9230, A New Orientation for WiMAX Base Stations

Operator A is deploying a 2.3G WiMAXnetwork with the plan to realize supplemental coverage for hotspot and blind spot areas in dense urban areas.If traditional base stations are used, it is difficult to select sites in a city with high land price.Progress of network deployment will be slowand high rent furtherincreases the network operation cost.

Operator B has long been operating GSMnetwork and recently got the license for 2.5G WiMAX. The operatorwants to share the existing infrastructure as much as possible, such as sites, power supplies and transmission, in order to save the network cost while accelerating the networkdeployment.

Operator Cplans to build rural network with WiMAX technology. If the network is built in the way as traditional network did, start with the proper selection of sites, then the construction of standard equipment rooms/iron towers, followed by air-conditioning/storage battery and other supporting facilities, the long duration of network construction and high deploymentcost will remarkably extend the investment recovery period. Plus, many remote areas cannot afford to satisfy the strict requirements for site installation.

Operator Dis deploying a 3.5G wireless broadband network and realizing discontinuous coverage for key areas. Cost is the major concern in this case compared with802.16d network.

At this moment, a integratedWiMAXbase stationE9230, the latest base station released by ZTE, attracts their eyeballs.

Networking Difficulty Readily Solved

To promote WiMAX technology in an increasingly competitive wireless communication market, the rapid network deployment with low dependency to the environmental is the key that leads to the success. A flexible and light outdoor integrated base station is a perfect choice. However, the adoption of MIMO and other multi-antenna technologies in WiMAX system brings high transmission power and complex baseband processing. To satisfy the same capacity requirement, the equipment size and power consumption become inevitable challenges to the design of an integrated and compact outdoor WiMAX base station.

As a leader in WiMAXindustry ZTE has rich wireless communication R&D experiences in GSM, UMTS, CDMA, TD-SCDMA and other systems. By taking into account the customers' needs in service, capacity, coverage, transmission, power supply, installation and maintenance, etc.,  ZTE overcomes the difficulties and launched customized E9230 compact base station which include various advanced technologies such as the improvement of power amplifier efficiency, highly integrated lower power consumption board design and natural cooling design.

The outdoor installation of the base station can be on pole, on tower or wall mounted. A single base station can support 2C1S configuration . It provides natural coolingwith an overall power consumption of less than 210W.These absolute advantages make E9230 to be the focus of the industry after its release.

E9230 is the smallest and the lightest among other products in its category without sacrifising its capacity, transmission power and overall power consumption. With integrated design, flexible installation mode and natural cooling the headaches of Operators A, B, C and D can be relieved easily. E9230 starts a new era of site construction with zero-footprint. It helps operators to build networks rapidly, operate and maintain them easily.

Customized Design Brings Surprises

Customizeddesign has brought E9230 operators a lot of surprises:

Flexiblenetworking   Each E9230 supports three electrical interfaces and one optical interface configuration, satisfying both the requirements for short distance electrical interface transmission media and lowcost, and over-100m long distance applications through optical interface. Through the cascadeconfiguration of R6interface, it can support star or daisy chainnetworking, thus reducing switch configuration, configurationcost and installation space.

Clock concatenation supported Three   E9230's share one GPSreceiver to reducedeployment and installation costs, and save installation time.

Adaptation to diversified harsh environment   It supports IP65 level of protection, adapts to harsh weather andelectromagneticenvironment, securing cost-effective and efficient networking.

Green base station   E9230 uses highly integrated configurationmode, hasultra lowpower consumption, saves energy and is environmentally friendly, being a truly green base station. Under 2C3Sconfiguration, it reduces power consumption by over 40% as compared with other WiMAXproducts.

ZTE E9230 compact base station can be flexibly and easily used for total network coverage, supplemental coverage for hotspots and blind spots, rural network, radio broadband network and other scenarios. The base station has opened a new era of WiMAX network featuring zero footprint and the saving site cost. E9230 will surely become a new orientation for WiMAXbase stations, allowing operators to achieve rapiddeployment, reducenetworkingcost, and achieve easy operation and maintenance and maximizing value.