ZXRIS M6200 C1 Dual-Frequency Attendance Recorder

The ZXRIS M6200 C1, a dual-frequency attendance recorder, is developed by ZTE and designed especially for China Mobile's All-purpose Card application system. It supports the reading of mobile phone cards and contactless IC cards, which are respectively based on RFSIM and ISO14443A protocol standards. The ZXRIS M6200 C1 can be widely applied in the attendance system of enterprises and public institutions.

  • Supporting the swipingof RFSIM cards and ISO14443A protocol-based IC cards.
  • Quick and easy operation, 16×4 LCD backlight display, be able to display time, date, valid card No., and operation instructions, etc..
  • Parameters (including time, date, network and operation instructions) configuration through TCP/IP communication mode.
  • High security: with a bulit-in PSAM card security module, supporting 3DES mutual authentication.
  • Large storage capacity: 40,000 reading records at most.
  • The card-swiping data can be uploaded in real-time or uploaded in batch at fixed time. After the recovery of interrupted network connections, the ZXRIS M6200 C1 can connect automatically and upload attendance records.