ZXCAB Diet Shelter

With the huge influence of "greenhouse effect", energy saving and emission reduction has been a global focus in recent years, and it attracts operators all round world to put forward new plan of the network, ZTE dedicated to supporting operators with a "green telecommunication room"ZXCAB Diet Shelter.

Diet shelter provides installation space and ideal working environment for telecom equipments including BTS, transmission equipment, power and battery etc. In the traditional base station, civil room, shelter or cabinet were widely used. However, for civil room and shelter, it requires more area, longer engineer period and cost higher. And for outdoor cabinet, its space inside and ability of temperature control are limit. Diet shelter is a new generation of green telecommunication room with advantages such as compact structure, energy saving, low cost, flexible application, easy expansion, less area, convenient installation and so on. The profile of Diet shelter is shown as figure 1.


Figure1ZTE Diet Shelter


  • Compact and reliable structure
    The structure of Diet shelter is compact and reliable, which includes frame and wallboard. The frame consists of chassis frame, stand column and beam; and the wallboard consists ofsandwich structure with PU and PCGS (pre-coated galvanized steel sheet).
  • Modular design
    Both wall panel and rack inside are modular components. It is easy for extending and can be combined flexibly under different condition.
  • Separate Cooling to save energy
    According to local climate and working temperature requirement of telecom equipment, battery and other auxiliary facilities, different temperature control solutionis adopted to reduce the usage of air-conditioner and cut down the power consumption of the site.
  • Easy for expansion
    Diet shelter can be easily extended to double cabinets, three cabinets and four cabinets based on former shelter.
  • Convenient transportation and fast installation
    It can be transported in ways of either parts packaged or integrated lifting.
    It is convenient to install with structural waterproof and sealed design and no need of sealant at site. For example, it takes 2 hours for 4 persons to install the three cabinets Diet shelter.
  • Flexible application
    Diet shelter provides suitable working environment for wireless base station equipment, microwave unit, embedded power supply, battery, and monitoring equipment. It can be used as both wireless station and transmission hub station.


Application Scenarios

Diet shelter is suitable for lots of scenarios, such as street, suburban, and village. Also, it works well in some other severe environment with high corrosion, very high or low temperature, great sandstorm etc, such as the sea, deserts and mountains, etc


Figure Site on avenue                   Figure 3  Site in suburbs