Sell ZXTOW Rooftop Tower

Telecom tower is a steel supporting structure especially designed to meet the mounting height and antenna loads requirements of communication system antennae (such as microwave, GSM, CDMA and so on). Generally, a tower consists of tower body, platform, foundation, lightning protection system and accessories.
ZTE CAF team has made much effort to provide serials of telecom tower products to enhance the competitive strength and meet the different requirements of operators all round the world.
ZTE always aims at tower solutions with the best quality, the fastest deployment, the lowest construction and maintenance cost.
Product Overview
ZXTOW RTT (Rooftop Telecom Tower) is installed on building to reduce the tower height and cost accordingly. It has flexible structure and installation to meet different requirements such as rooftop poles, rooftop guyed masts and rooftop lattice towers etc. Moreover, non-penetrating tower is especially designed for the sites without permission of any damage to ceiling.
At present, ZXTOW rooftop towers are widely used in the worldTechnical Features