Sell Network Emulation System---ZXPOS NES

ZXPOS NES(Network Emulation System) is a integrated solution for mobile network planning. By deploying numbers of fixed receivers and one mobile transmitter, NES can quickly collect wireless transmission data in a large whole area, and therefore get the tuned propagation models. For the models are tuned with the real transmission data, they can well predict the target area and make the simulation result more precise. Meanwhile, utilizing test data from each BTS site, according to the difference between real network wireless parameters and NES collecting ones, users can understand the correct coverage KPI of roads in network.

  •  High precision:Every site can perform high level simulation by perfectly tuned models, what you see is what you get.
  •  High efficiency:One time finish network data collecting and model tuning for each site.
  •  Additional test only: According to bad coverage area, only additional test for target sites is needed. After taking old data’s place with new one, user can more easier to get a fully understanding to the network.
  •  Joint analysis with planning and optimization:Offer direct wireless parameters by planning tools with precise road coverage information, ensuring network coverage KPI, reducing RF optimization engineering work.
  •  Project evaluation in time:Precisely predict road coverage and evaluate the project with road coverage result, detect network problems, ensure project planning quality.
  •  Engineering problem detecting:By comparing precise predicted road coverage result with real network collecting data, detect potential problem in engineering and improve the network quality.