Sell SDR Distributed Base Station

Sell SDR Distributed Base Station

  • Series of RRU, Suitable for Various Coverage Scenarios
    Series of RRUs with high output power and diversified power amplifier transmitting and receiving design, are suitable for various coverage scenarios. It enables operators to further balance the relationship between radio network performance and investment.
  • Shelf Plug-in Dual-Mode BBU, Reliable Design & Easy Installation
    ZTE BBU module has hot-standby design for main control board. Baseband resources are shared in the form of resource pool, and common resources are shared between GSM & UMTS, such as main control unit, transmission and CPRI interfaces. These ideas promote the reliability and availability of dual-mode applications. BBU can also be conveniently deployed on the wall, on the ground, etc. No dedicated equipment space is required, easy for site selection, fast network deployment.
  • All IP Micro TCA architecture, Flexible NetworkingAdopts Micro TCA architecture, ATM/IP dual protocol stacks, provides various interfaces.
  • Dual Mode Configuration, Smooth Evolution
    UMTS and GSM can be supported simultaneously. GSM/GPRS/ EDGE/Enhanced EDGE/UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+ are fully satisfied as well as future evolution to LTE.
  • Multi-Carriers and Multi-Frequencies Support
    RRU module supports UMTS carriers or GSM carriers in single mode, and GSM/UMTS dual mode in multi-frequencies.
  • High Efficiency Power Amplifier, Low Power consumption
    The PA efficiency achieves 50% with Doherty + DPD Technology that independently developed by ZTE. 80W power amplifier (TOC) is supported, which can effectively reduce the OPEX.