ggregating multiple technologies into a single platform, ZXMSG 5200, as a medium capacity multi-service access gateway, enables operators to offer legacy service, emerging data services and IPTV service over a variety of access technologies. Besides narrowband access, ZXMSG 5200 supports all types of copper-based xDSL access, fiber-based xPON access, FE/GE access etc. ZXMSG 5200 connects PTSN/NGN/IMS network for voice service, and ATM/IP network for data service. ZXMSG 5200 is at the access layer of NGN network. As a medium capacity access gateway, it is used in C5 solution for reconstruction or new office.
  • Advanced IP TDM dual-bus architectureBased on advanced IP TDM dual-bus architecture, ZXMSG 5200 processes each service with the most appropriate technology, and it guarantees enough bandwidth for each subscriber based on its infrastructure of GE/10GE bandwidth to each slot.
  • Multiple access capability
    ZXMSG 5200 supports narrowband access, copper-based ADSL/2/2 access, VDSL/VDSL2 access, SHDSL access, fiber-based xPON access, FE/GE LAN access etc. latest access technology VDSL2/SHDSL.bis/GPON/EPON are integrated into ZXMSG 5200 platform.
  • PWE3 support to be compatible with traditional applicationZXMSG 5200 supports PWE3 function to help operators inherit TDM leased line service in a modern all-IP network environment.
  • Smooth migration in the network evolutionZXMSG 5200 supports smooth migration from PSTN to NGN or IMS to protect the operator