Sell Evolution of TD-SCDMA industrialization

o expedite the industrialization process of TD-SCDMA and create the industry chain and multi-vendor environment earlier, eight enterprises voluntarily initiated a “TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance” on October 30, 2002. Since its foundation, this alliance has been growing as a powerful industrial camp composed of prestigious communication enterprises, which cover various levels of the TD-SCDMA industry chain. 
The purpose of the TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance is to integrate and coordinate industry resources, improve the R&D and manufacturing levels of the member enterprises, promote the rapid and healthy development of TD-SCDMA industry, and to help realize the popularization and application of TD-SCDMA both in China and in the global telecommunication market. 
TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance focuses on the promotion and improvement of TD-SCDMA technologies and managing and coordinating the industries. The Alliance also works to promote the sharing of resources and mutual benefits between member enterprises in order to enhance competitiveness of the communication industries in the alliance.
At present, over 50 enterprises have engaged in R&D of TD-SCDMA equipment, forming a complete industry chain and technical team covering standards, product development, market promotion, technical research and testing. Companies, such as Datang Mobile, TD Tech Communication Technologies Ltd. (a joint venture of Huawei and Siemens), ZTE, and China POTEVIO Co., Ltd. have developed wireless system equipment. Companies such as Spreadtrum Communications, COMMIT Incorporated, T3G, Dadang Mobile, ADI, and Chongqing Chongyou Information Technology have developed terminal chips and terminal reference designs. Over ten companies such as Dadang Mobile, ZTE, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Holleycomm, Hisense Group, Amoi Electronics, China Bird, Lenovo, OKWAP, Haier, Long Cheer, SIMCom, New Postcom, and Dbtel have developed dozens of mobile phones and data card products. Companies such as Tek, Rohde & Schwarz, Agilent, StarPoint, Anritsu, and Zhongchuang Telecom Test have developed TD-SCDMA testers.
R&D and industrialization of TD-SCDMA have drawn wide attention from the global telecom industry. Various telecom manufacturers joined the TD-SCDMA industry chain in different ways, including Ericsson through partnership with ZTE, Alcatel Shanghai Bell through partnership with Datang, Siemens through partnership with Huawei, and Nokia through partnership with Postel. In addition, telecom operators in many countries and regions follow up closely on the progress and testing of TD-SCDMA in China, where they frequently conduct exchange and discussions on TD-SCDMA technology.