Sell Communication Network Analyzer---ZXPOS CNA1

Powerful data analysis
   •  Diverse static and dynamic analysis methods: multiple display modes such as Map, Graph, and Table combined with flexible synchronization and playback functions;
   •  Comprehensive data analysis capability :ability of analyzing both downlink and uplink simultaneously and verifying the difference of performance indicators between the actual network and the early simulation which based on the drive test data, OMC-R , simulation , GIS data and site information;
   •  Support multiple air interface protocols: Currently, ZXPOS CNA1 supports protocols of wireless networks including CDMA IS95CDMA2000 (RLS 0~A)GSMEVDO(RLS 0~B)UMTSTD-SCDMAWiMAX and GoTa
   •  Support various test software data: (such as: MDMSD5AOD) including voice and data service data, Retriever and PN Scanner data;
   •  Flexible query and statistic for a