Sell CDMA Soft Site Base Station SeriesBS 8900 Outdoor Integrated Ba

BS 8900 is an outdoor integrated macro base station developed by ZTE based on its soft site base station platform, with the leading open uTCA architecture of the industry. It is a one-stop solution for large capacity needs of operators and supports the smooth evolution to LTE/UMB, with built in power supply and transmission.
Values to Customers
 Large capacity
    48 carrier-sectors and 8 RF carriers support per cabinet, the highest capability of the industry, bringing about the possibility of expansion of much stronger networks
 Wide coverage
     80W of machine-top output power, the highest of the industry, for wider coverage
 Low energy consumption
     CFR + DPD + Dorherty power amplification design significantly enhance the power amplification power, with RRU’s power amplification power being at 33%, reducing energy consumption by over 50% compared with traditional products.
 Less supporting facilities
    Transmission shared by 1X and DO, with less transmission resources
    Natural ventilation for heat dissipation, with high energy efficiency
    Significantly reduced power consumption, with less power supply facilities
 Smooth Evolution
    Industry-leading open uTCA architecture, highly reliable power supply management, high integration level
    Smooth evolution to LTE/UMB, support for CDMA2000 / WCDMA / GSM/LTE / UMB / WiMAX base stations, simplifying management