Sell ZX-GD D Series DC Genset

X-GD D series DC genset is a new product for telecom base station power supply which consist of engine, permanent magnetic alternator and AC/DC module. The output voltage is -48V DC, therefore the telecom power convert device can be omitted. As an innovative product, ZX-GD D series DC genset can also be applied with green energy such as solar and wind to enhance the competitiveness of site power supply system.

  • High efficiency
    -48V DC output; power convert device is not needed; 
    High loading rate, design based on principle of load priority and dynamic regulation of battery charging current.
  • Energy saving
    Replacing higher power AC genset; reducing emissions;
    Working complementary with green energy as a green and reliable hybrid energy system.
  • Intelligent control
    ZX-GD D series DC genset can be turned on and off by signal of battery voltage and mains situation which is detected automatically by BMU. It will optimize working time of genset and cut down OPEX.
  • Convenient installation
    Directly connecting to battery and telecom device, easy intallation.
    Multiple gensets can work together and it is no need for additional connection device.