Sell ZXRIS EC00 A1/A2 Access Controller

The ZXRIS EC00 A1/A2, a 4-door access controller, is developed by ZTE and mainly applied in the access control system. It is provided with functions such as access control, data record, and alarm linkage, etc., and can be widely applied in important regions and workplaces of enterprises and public institutions for identification, access control and attendance management.
  • Small, light, and compact structure.
  • Easy installation, in conformity with the engineering installation requirements, various installation modes (placed on desktop or wall-mounted).
  • Data power-off protection: supporting the off-line working and large-capacity off-line records and user information; capable of storing 20,000 cards' access authorization information and 100,000 off-line reading records.
  • Providing RTC and NTP functions, and 10-year uninterruptible clock externally.
  • Providing the output power of 25W 12V externally, and 5A electric lock control maximally.
  • Providing 2-line 240 V AC 5A/30V DC 5A relay control ability and 4-line 240 V AC 2A/30V DC 2A relay control ability.
  • Providing 1-line 10/100 M FE interface, 4-line RS485 interface, 2-line RS232 interface, 4-line wiegand interface, and 6-line digital input/output interface
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