Sell Communication Network Optimizer (Enterprise Edition)---ZXPOS CNO2

   •   It is no need installing any client software, network optimizing on any computer at anytime and anywhere: CNO2 is a web based enterprise application. It is constructed by browser/server three tiers structure and make customs access ease and quick. Customs are dismissed any agony for client software’s installing and updating.
   •  High stability, retractility and expansibility: CNO2 is module structure designed, safe and reliable, with powerful fault-tolerant & 7*24 hours running capability.
   •  Multiple performance index system show the network comprehensive performance: CNO2 offered a powerful CDMA network performance KPI index system(1X RLSA1XEV-DO and GoTa Indexes) to make customers evaluate network status from many angles multi-layer stereoscopic.
   •  Offer abundant statistic and analyse function: Based on the powerful index system and other kinds of running data,CNO2 offered powerful analysis tools such as basic statistics, TopN analysis, Failure Reason analysis, CDT analysis etc. to speed the procedure of discovering a problem and solving the problem.