Sell JetNet 4518

Sell JetNet 4518

The JetNet 4518 is an 18-port Industrial Managed Ethernet Switch, specifically designed for industrial environments requiring high port density. In addition to the 16 Fast Ethernet ports, JetNet 4518 is equipped with additional 2 10/100Base-TX/100Base-FX SFP Combo ports, which can be configured for a variety of cabling types and distances depending on your specific environmental needs. With the non-blocking switching performance, JetNet 4518 provides 12.8G backplane which ensures the traffic switching without data loss and blocking. Combining rugged IP-31 enclosure, great heat dissipation and -40~75oC wide operating temperature range, JetNet 4518 assures data running smoothly under severe industrial environments. The embedded software supports standard 802.1s MSTP, 802.1D-2004 RSTP and Korenix Multiple Super Ring (MSR) technology for ring redundancy protection. The Korenix MSR supports up to 5ms short recovery time. With its MultiRing design, the 18 front ports allow users to aggregate up to 9 100M copper rings or 8 100M copper plus 1 fiber rings. This is a unique and Korenix patent protected ring technology. Besides, JetNet 4518 supports full layer 2 management features, such as VLAN, Private VLAN, Q-in-Q, IGMP Snooping, LACP for network control, SNMP, LLDP for network management. The secured access is protected by Port Security, 802.1x and flexible Layer 2/4 Access Control List. With JetNet 4518, you can fulfill the technicians’ needs of having the best solution for the large scale industrial Ethernet infrastructure. High Port Density and Flexible Fast Ethernet Connectivity
The JetNet 4518 is equipped with 16 100M Fast Ethernet plus 2 Fast Ethernet RJ-45/SFP combo ports and therefore can be used in networks requiring high port density. Each of the two combo ports combines one Small Form factor Pluggable (SFP) socket for 100Mbps multi-mode or single-mode transceiver, as well as one RJ-45 copper port in 10Mbps full duplex, 100Mbps half/full duplex link mode.
The switch will automatically detect the priority of cable connections for each combo port. You can choose different types of SFP transceivers for your switch, depending on the environmental needs, the distance or the installed fiber/copper cable types. Users are able to connect two 100Mbps SFP ports of JetNet 4518 as a Fast Ethernet Fiber Redundant Ring topology. Multiple Super Ring (MSRTM) Aggregation Capability 
The JetNet 4518 supports the new generation ring technology – MSRTM which includes various new technologies for redundancy applications and structures of different networks.
The JetNet 4518 allows to aggregate up to 9 Rapid Super Rings, including 8 copper plus 1 Fiber / Copper rings in a single switch. The Korenix protected pattern eases your network planning while maximizing network performance and reliability.