Sell Android Box Change TV To A Computer

Sell Android Box Change TV To A Computer

Android box change TV to a computer
Google TV is coming on stage in due form! It’s an open and comprehensive platform for both hardware and software, which is aimed at introducing the entire internet world to television device, so as to let people access the on line wonderful world with ease. Share With The Family Relax together as a family in the comfort of your living room,enjoy a movie,or browse the internet for shopping,school projects or plan your next vacation.Chat with friends,update the family Face Book,the FlexView does it all,and its easy to use,now the Internet can become a family activity. Bring Your TV Alive With Android! Transform any HDMI TV “FLEX VIEW”,and experience a new level of Home Enertainment and Communications. With Flexi Veiw your TV now becomes an affordable interactive Home PC that can be enjoyed by the whole family Google TV is based on Google Android 2.2 operation system, so it can run a large number of existing application program, such as surfing with Google Chrome, support branded Flash, browse your favorite websites on TV, choose any channels you’d like to enjoy. 
Flexiveiw allows your HDMI TV to function as:
 Internet TV 
Internet Browser 
On-line Shopping and Banking portal 
Multi Media player (Down load or off memory) 
Social network portal(Face Book ,Twitter,etc) 
Download Games 
Download Applications 
View and share photos