Sell Introduction On Large Scale Application Trial

3G technical testing
In the 3G technical test phase 1 performed at the end of 2001, the TD-SCDMA TSM system standard was tested. The TSM (TD-SCDMA System for Mobile) version originated as an interim version to verify performance of the TD-SCDMA standard. In the TSM version, the GSM/GPRS core network is used, and the radio network is connected to the core network through A and Gb interfaces to provide data services at a maximum rate of 384 kbps. In May 2002, the TSM version was used in Chongqing and Chengdu for TD-SCDMA field tests.
In the 3G test phase II (network technology test phase) conducted in April 2004, TD-SCDMA R4 field tests were conducted in Shanghai and Beijing for comprehensive testing of the TD-SCDMA core network subsystem and radio subsystem, preliminary tests on the terminals and partial tests on network performance.
• TD-SCDMA R&D and industrialization field trial
The TD-SCDMA R&D and industrialization project initiated in 2004 effectively promoted the formation of the complete TD-SCDMA industry chain. At the end of 2004, the TD-SCDMA R&D and industrialization project technology trial was performed, and TD-SCDMA outdoor and indoor tests were performed in MTNet test in Shanghai and Beijing, which were participated in by domestic carriers and dozens of equipment providers. This test verified functions, services and wireless network performance of the TD-SCDMA radio subsystem, terminal chip, and mobile phone terminals, helping to show that the TD-SCDMA system has acquired the scale needed for networking capability.
Based on these tests, TD-SCDMA system equipment versions were frozen and a breakthrough of terminals and chips was accomplished. From October 2005, “application tests” continued to improve the networking, interoperability, and terminal performance of TD-SCDMA systems.
The results of the above tests show that breakthroughs have been made in TD-SCDMA R&D and industrialization, meeting the conditions going forward for tests of greater scale.
• TD-SCDMA scale network trial
In the beginning of 2006, a TD-SCDMA scale network trial started. This was an inevitable step towards the maturation and commercial application of the TD-SCDMA system. According to the laws of mobile communication technology development and application, the mobile communication technology and product must undergo a process of improvement and actual application in a large real network environment before their functions and performances are mature. This is to explore the networking, planning and optimization methods for various environments of real commercial networks; fully verify and improve end-to-end performance of the entire network; accumulate experience in TD-SCDMA network planning and construction, operation & maintenance, and the development of featured services.