send you apad list for your information

 say hello to you. Best wishes to you and your family in 2011! 
China New year was over, most people start to work, hope this year, we can build

up good term business.
This year,  VIA launched new CPU 8650 , we have 7inch, 8inch etc.
 1. Model No.: MID-70-V1
7inch APAD
CPU :VIA 8505  
USD65.0  sample price
USD63.0 for 20pcs above.

2. Model No.: MID-70-V2
7inch APAD
CPU :VIA 8650  
USD86.0  sample price
USD83.0 for 20pcs above.
 3. Model No.: MID-70-T1
7inch APAD
USD96.0  sample price
USD93.0 for 20pcs above.
We have some 8inch, 10inch apad, please find our apad list for your info.
If you need any info, kindly please let me know.
 Your prompt reply would be highly appreciated.