High quality LED lamp= goldwhite@163*com

It is my honor to introduce our new product range of LED lamp. CE/SAA(ITS) approval for 139 models covers MR11, MR16, PAR16/20/ 25/ 30/38. A60(A19), B35(C12), P45(G14), G50(G16), G60(G19). ETL/CETL approval covers 102models. The full range was submitted to authorized lab for multiple international safety certificates: ETL , CETL , CE , SAA, PSE. 
Below is the advantage of our LED lamp:
1. Full range product seriation by self-design, with unified design style.
2. Large power range from 2W to 36W, PAR30 upto 20W, PAR38 upto 36W. 
3. Various cap-base is available: GU5.3, GU10, E14, E17, E16, E27, B22.
4. Various brand high quality LED chip guarantee optimal luminous efficacy: Cree, Seoul Semiconductor, SAMSUNG, SHARP, CITI LED, Everlight(Epistar), HONGLI, or other brands per customer's specify. A60 upto 70lm/Watt or even higher. 
5. Excellent material applied for Heatsink ensure outstanding heat dissipation: Aluminium alloy and thermal conductive plastic. 
6. Proprietary power design assures stability and endurance, long lifespan upto 50,000hours for some models. 
Most of all, excellent quality performance with very competitive price. Below lists 5models' price for your reference.
# Series Photo Model no. Optional Cap-Base Rated voltage Rated Power Luminous Flux(Lm) Optional Beam Angle
1 MR16ZN
4W 200Lm 35º
TEA-LEDPAR38AL-20W E27 220-240V
20W 1200Lm 15º/25º
3 B35
TEA-LEDB35-3W E27/E14 220-240V
3W 180Lm  
4 G60
TEA-LEDG60-3W E27/E14 220-240V
3W 180Lm  
5 A60
TEA-LEDA60-7W E27/B22 220-240V
7W 410Lm  
More model's price could be offered once receiving your inquiry. Thanks a lot for your time and attention.