KTV system = goldwhite#163*com

KTV system = goldwhite#163*com

.Anti-shock,super stability, for debugging, maintenance-free, easy operated just
like home appliances.

2.available for two hard-disk to insert and draw out. Large-capacity hard disk
stored over20,000 original sound songs.

3.With DVD display,Compatibility with the disc format of DVD, VCD, CD, MP3 etc.
4.User can add songs from CD-ROM such as DVD、VCD etc.by themselves,also can
customized  songs-added in batches from Customer service,altogether user can
update the song storage at one's pleasure.

5.Digital coaxial,L/R Simulation signal output, sound clarity, fullness, pure.
6.Broad scope of application,totally support various Video Format of
DVD,DIVX,MPEG4/2/1;Totally support the Audio Format of

7.many ways to make out the songs you needed,you can find them by
singers,language,style,song number/star number,etc.

8.Remote operation, Single / Dual Screen display(connect to computer display or
color television set),save money for the users.

9.Complete control function,  have all the features of PC song machine.
10.available for many language e.g.Simplified and Traditional Chinese,

11.Embedded LINUX operation system,easy to use,stable system,thoroughly get rid
of the inherent drawbacks of PC song machine

KTV SYSTEM = goldwhite#163*com