CAT "D5M Bulldozer / 2004 Komatsu D39EX-21A Crawler Tractor/Cars, bus, pickup, SUV, truck and CNG series products. Electric Moke / 2005 Caterpillar 163H Motor Grader / 1981 Link Belt HTC-35 35-Ton Truck Crane, s/n 37H1665 / VOLVO FH-12 / 2004 Komatsu D39EX-21A Crawler Tractor / 1988 CAT D9N /

2000KW MTU Kohler Diesel

Item #533


Kohler Model #2000ROZD4

MTU engine

Pritchard Brown Aluminum Enclosure

Fuel Tank Base

Hours app: 565

Built in 2001


CAT "D5M Bulldozer

Serial No: 7LR00549
Hours     : 2300
Year       : 2004
Aircon     : Available

Two more PET Lines are attached in PDF.
 We have 3 more on file if your looking  for Bottle or Oil filling lines

1988 CAT D9N
S/n 1JD01075
S/U blade w/tilt
Ripper valve & control
27" ES track
400 hours on rebuilt engine
$ 89,500 FAS Port Newark,NJ

2004 Komatsu D39EX-21A Crawler Tractor, s/n 1586, 1,305 hours, EROPS/AC, 6-Way
Blade, Engine Enclosures, Drawbar, One Owner bough new in 2005, Excellent

$70,000.00 Massachusetts


1976 Link-Belt HSP-18 18-Ton Rough Terrain Crane, s/n 47G8-1035B          
1981 Link Belt HTC-35 35-Ton Truck Crane, s/n 37H1665                  

1976 Link-Belt HSP-18 18-Ton Rough Terrain Crane, s/n 47G8-1035B
4 cylinder GM Diesel Engine
Crab steering
17.5-25 matched general tires in good condition (60%)
3- Section boom with Jib-Boom worked as it should it did need grease
1- High speed winch with Ball and Block
Minor bent sheet metal
This tractor ran and worked as it should
The boom appeared in good condition although it needed to be lubricated
Lift cylinders have hydraulic weeps probably from sitting up and not being used
regularly (the outer o-rings may expand and stop the weep)

The valve on the right cylinder that the lines feed into was weeping probably a
dry o-ring from sitting no used

The right front outrigger lift cylinder was weep but not excessively (no oil on
the ground)

This tractor was operated though its entire cycle with no problems
Both these tractors have no been in regular use in approximately 2 years, but
other than the mentioned hydraulic weeps there were no issues
1981 Link Belt HTC-35 35-Ton Truck Crane, s/n 37H1665
3208 Cat Engine (new injection pump, 2-new injectors, new timing gears)
13-speed Trans,
11.00-20 Tires all good on spoke wheels
All slings and chokers on truck go with it
3-section boom good condition-needs lubrication (grease)
2- Winches both in good working order cable in good condition
Ball and Block
No oil leaks
2- Jibs
Outriggers work good the cylinders on the front outriggers have minor oil weeps
(probably from not having been used regularly in the last year)

Alarms unhooked (electrically) and would need to be reconnected
Some minor rust on cab sheet metal
Overall this machine worked as it should we ran it and performed all its

The machine was operated doing all functions for approximately 1.5 hours
It has the single counterweight
The circle worked as it should and felt tight

Sold as a pair for $62,500.00 Texas

2005 Caterpillar 163H Motor Grader


2005 Caterpillar 163H Motor Grader, s/n ARL00360, 9807 hrs, Low-Pro EROPS/AC, 14

ft. Moldboard, Blade Lift Accumulators, Push Block, Rear Ripper, Engine
Enclosures, 17.5R25 Tires @ 40%, One Owner Machine, Maintained by CAT Dealer,
Very Good Condition.

$180,500.00 Dallas, Texas

Electric Mini Moke have been successfully developed, please refer to the excel
attachment for the specifications.

And our price is FOB Chongqing 8,999.00 usd/unit, and the price is including the



Advantages of our Turn Key project.

    1 One is from seafreight cost.
Take pickup for example. 1 x 40HQ loads 3 units assembled pickup. But 1 x 40HQ
could load 7-8 units knocked down pickup.

As for freight cost to South America from China, it will cost about
6,000USD/40HQ ( just for example).

For assembled pickup, one unit will cost 2,000USD; for knocked down pickup, one
unit only cost about 750USD.

You will save 1,250USD/unit.

    2, Another is from importing duty. Take our Syria company for example,
assembled SUV importing duty is 50%, but knocked down SUV importing is 5%.

So, If SUV price is 11,000USD, our client will save around $5,000 USD importing
duty for one unit.

 The importing duty varies from country to country. I use Syria as example . 
   Why there is no big price difference between assembled vehicle and knocked
down vehicles , not just us but every exporter of CKD and SKD vehicles.
  1, all of our vehicles are made automatically.
  2, labor cost is very low for us .
   So, there is almost no price difference between assembled vehicle and knocked

down vehicle, in bulk however and if ongoing we can lower the price a little bit

more depending on size of order $250 to $500 .

 The final price is product price plus freight cost plus duty. So, please think
about all of cost, you will figure out why our proposal for turn key is now
proving very popular    

Please see attached and following price list . We can deduct 10% if order is
place before  2011 and is for 100 units .

Due to various fluctuations in shipping prices this time of year its very
difficult to quote a freight price  , we can obtain price when we know order
will proceed and how many they want shipped at one time , I.e. , if they want
all 100 shipped together or in lots of say 25.  We have asked our logistics
people for a rough estimate and will advise ASAP.
(1) See attached Dragon's Pick Up 1205 (CBU term) model Pickup (3 seat single

Pickup 3 seat with Gasoline engine: USD 8,500.00 Pickup 3 seat with Diesel
engine:   USD 9,499.00

Can supply with CNG or LPG
(2) See attached Dragon's Pick Up 1206 (CBU term) model Pickup ( 5 seat double
Pickup 5 seat with Gasoline engine: USD 9,999.00 Pickup 5 seat with  Diesel 
engine: USD 10,999.00

(3) See attached Dragon's Pick Up 1206LC 4X4  (CBU term) model Pickup ( 5 seat
double cabin)
Pickup 5 seat with Gasoline engine: USD 10,999.00 Pickup 5 seat with  Diesel 
engine: USD 12,499.00
(4) (CBU term) Dragon's  6481 model SUV (TOYOTA Technology)
6481 model SUV  ( 2X4 )  :      SUV with Gasoline engine Ex factory China : USD
12,999 . 00   ; 
6481 model SUV  ( 4X4 )  :     SUV with Gasoline engine Ex factory China 
: USD13,999.00  ; 
Leather seats:        USD 250.00    :       Reverse radar:       USD 100.00
Electric windows: USD 250.00    ;      Central lock:           USD 100.00
Power steering:     USD189.00   ;      Air-condition          USD 400.00   ; 
right drive system cost will cost USD 250
The following cars are excellent as taxis
1000cc engine Dragon's car (CBU
term) EX Works (Chongqing  China) USD 5,898.00 ; 
1000cc engine Dragon's car (CKD term) EX Works (Chongqing  China) USD5,198.00 ; 
Optional:  Air condition:+USD 399,        Central lock: + USD50         
CD player: +USD50    ;                    electromotion door window USD 50;   
Aluminum alloy Rim: +USD150;              CNG system: +USD649; LPG
Loading quantity:  CBU term: One 40ft container load 3 units;                          

                   CKD term: One 40ft container load 15 units;
NOTE : CBU , means complety built up (complete vehicle NOT Knock down.
We can supply all miodels with LP or CNG at cost
We can supply full assistance to establish an assembly plant for  all vehicles  

Cars, bus, pickup, SUV, truck and CNG series products.

Asian Dragon  is working hand in hand with one of the most professional China
Auto Manufacturers.

They are a large machinery & vehicle manufacturer and exporter base in China.
Together our products include cars, bus, pickup, SUV, truck and CNG series
Pick Up                     Crew Cab


1, step by step development model, we will arrange two step Project

2, select local CBU term importing duty high products. Assemble CKD have more
high advantage.

3, If all parties have a honest and straight forward cooperation and start 
production, we may provide some investment and Financing credit, such as Usance
l/c, D/A 90-120 days.

We offer  a set method  of Turn Key Project of a simple-refined assemble plant
for auto manufacturing,   which is a shortcut method to develop auto industry in

any  developing country.

There are successful cases in Mid-East region.
In the end all partners will realize a win-win scenario .
In other words, we will invest some key equipment's and   help local investor
build auto workshop, install equipment, train worker,  achieve manufacture
conforming product and improve production quality and efficiencies.

Naturally, all parties shall keep a long-term cooperation. During the
cooperation, we shall try to realize localization in some parts step by step.

1.what's our Turn Key Project?
Turn Key Project is a project in which separate entities are responsible for
setting up a plant or equipment (e.g. Trains/infrastructure) and for putting it
into operation. It can include contractual actions at least through the system,
subsystem, or equipment installation phase and may include follow-on contractual

actions, such as testing, training, logistical, and operational support.

2. Superiority & characteristics of our project:
(1)  Lower cost investment but high efficiency. We will supply you the budget
according to the conditions of your country and company. 

(2) Compared with importing in CBU terms, the cost in importing tariff and
seafreight on CKD terms is greatly reduced.
(3) In this project, we supply technology,training and all Auto spare parts. In
this process, new technology is introduced into to your country and more jobs
are increased.

(4) As the cooperation goes well and the local partner proves their marketing
and sales, we may invest to set up a joint venture assembly plant for further
3. How to operate the Turnkey project?
In short, we can divide it into two stages. 
(1) general trade--during this stage, you will know the products, we generally
recommend importing at least two of each of the unit/s your interested in.  One
should be kept in showroom condition and use din displays in Malls and motor
shows etc , whilst at least one should be used for potential clients to test
Many clients have several pre assembled units ready for immediate local sales.
This way we will learn local customers' preference, then we two are able to
improve the products to better serve local customers.

This stage will be a start of a long-term stable partnership between your
company, ours and the manufacturer.
(2) if you think it is too costly, we will assist you to build up a simplified
assembly plant, the technology of manufacturing certain type of vehicle will be
transferred to your side, technicians and translators will also be sent to teach

local staffs, the general investment of this project for building up factory and

start automobile industry is just 1/10 of the total traditional investment.

At the 2nd Stage: joint venture, there are two ways for us to invest
(1) Technology investment:
We would also consider appraise our technology into stocks to form a joint
venture or corporation with our business partners worldwide, based on solid
mutual understanding, business trust and integerity.
(2) Capital investment:
We would also consider forming a joint venture with you by investing capital,
based on solid mutual trust and a long time cooperation history. It is very
important for all involved parties.
At the second stage, you may need to change or upgrade your production line and
products to meet the changing needs of the market, as the Turn Key Project
cooperation process goes, we will supply all necessary equipment and
technologies to you to do upgrading, so you could choose from the easiest
product and then move to more complicated ones. 

 4. What type of local partner we prefer:
 (1) be interested in Auto Manufacture, has basic knowledge in this field.
 (2) has an amount of money for initial investment and will initially import the

vehicles to test the market. 
This project aims to develop the local auto industry, especially in developing
country while benefiting the Chinese auto manufacturer as well. 
He is an opportunity to obtain advanced technology and enter the auto industry
in a easy way; for us, we and the the Chinese auto manufacturer, can strengthen
the competitive edge of our company's in the international market.  By operating

the auto plant, it will naturally encourage relevant local industrial
corporations such as steel plant, rubber processing, glass manufacturing,
mechanic processing, handware producing, etc.  Consequently, it will creat many
jobs. So it is good for your country, local partners, and the Chinese auto
manufactuer. .

You may need to change or upgrade your production line and products to meet the
changing needs of the market,  so you could choose from the easiest product and
then move to more complicated ones. E.g.: For a easy start, you may choose from
producing farming trucks first, then you can choose to produce pickups, cars and

finally buses to avoid high risk and to seize the market gradually.
feasibility consideration of building up local automobile/vehicle factory and
entering the automobile industry business cooperation general trade Turn Key
Project technology investment capital investment

industry technology upgrading technically the easiest: very little initializing
capital technically medium: require a little more capital supply technically
harder: require more capital and more advanced technology technically the
hardest: more capital and more complicated technology

Products sequence regarding industry upgrading sequence
 (left to right) Multi-function
Farming truck pickup Car,
mini car Bus, SUV,
CNG bus,
Coach bus,
City bus,
Mini bus        
III,    key of  Development Auto assemble turnkey project, 
Huge potential in CNG bus market

 CNG projects are a very good, growing business. 
Our associate is a state owned company, and their bus factory is the biggest CNG

bus manufacture in Asia.
They have a unique CNG bus research center in China. 
Their technology of CNG bus is at a very advanced level in the world. Therefore,

you can get full technical support from us.   
If you have the required capital we strongly suggest establishing a CNG buses
assembly turn key plant the reasons are as follows,
1. Government background. The biggest buyer of buses is government. In another
words, CNG bus project will have government support and likely orders.

2.  if you establish CNG factory, we will help you to get a loan from Export and

Import Bank of China. That is to say, after you establish the bus assembly
factory, if you have good credit, we will help you to get loan from that bank
for larger orders.
There are now successfully established CNG bus assembling factory's in many
countries, including Syria and here in Thailand.
The cooperator who want to carry out this project must satisfy following
necessary conditions:
1. The cooperator must have good relation with Government, so that he can obtain

an assembly plant  licence.
2. The cooperator must have necessary starting fund to purchase the assembly
line and equipment.
3. It is better that the cooperator has a workshop of at least 2500-3000 square
menters, it is helpful for speeding up the project.

If you don't have an existing workshop, you'd better rent one, so that you can
save a lot of initial investment.